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Welcome to Batam Massage

Looking to get some soothing massage within the confines of a luxurious, spanking-new, private facility and reasonable price?

Discover all these at Batam island, which offers a wide variety of treatments to pamper your body and soul. Located just across from Singapore, the Batam spa is truly a one stop spa destination for the busy city dwellers to set their hectic minds away and unwind in coziness.

It is beyond doubt the secret to your well-being. Make sure you experience these to make your journey to Batam island an unforgettable one.

Spa Secret - Famous Spa in Batam

The Spa Secret, like the name, it is a secret place to reveal your well-being.

With a contemporary Balinese concept, we aim to create a clean, cozy, and comfortable ambience for our guests with a strict no-smoking policy in effect.

We present only natural ingredients, the purest aromatherapy oils and premium herbs with the rituals and methods that have been proven to be the most effective physical and spiritual heals. From our Traditional Herbal Spa that uses uniquely Indonesian herb “Bali Boreh” to The Secret Wine Spa that uses grape for body scrub and red wine for bathe. Without a doubt, we are offering a wide variety of treatments you can choose from.

Other in-house services and treatments offered include body massage treatments, foot spa, face treatments, manicure and pedicure, waxing, ear candling therapy and hair treatments.

The relieving hands of our well-trained therapists with blends of natural products used in treatments enhance our guests to achieve the full set of pleasure and serenity. Feel better, look better and walk away feeling energized, calmed and tranquility in your body and soul.

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Please feel free to contact me (Liming) at:
What'sApp : +62-812-7797-9343
Hp: +62-852-6519-2152

InDo THai is a Better Brand of Massage In Batam

My Indo Thai Massage, a new relaxation venue in the central of the town where welcome you through the nature relaxing. My Indo Thai Massage Center Point Massage is decorated in Thai art and literature design feel.  My Indo Thai Massage provide a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in which to enjoy Premium Treatments with Traditional Thai Service and Hospitality.

My Indo Thai Massage aims to achieve the harmonious connection of body, mind, and soul.

My Indo Thai Massage offer you with high quality services and prepare the best products and treatments including varieties of massage. The customers can feel immediately the sense of refreshment and relaxation. We also provide the highly supported team who is the professional masseuses and therapists with high experience and concentrated creativity.

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Please feel free to contact me at:
What'sApp : +62-812-77979343
Hp: +62-852-65192152